Divya Pidantak Tail 100ml

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Divya Pidantak Tail (Massage oil) is a best herbal pain reliever and is an unique ayurvedic
remedy for joints pain, knee pain, sciatica pain and Arthritis.

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Divya Pidantak Tail: 100ml

Divya Pidantak Tail is an excellent combination of Ayurvedic herbs for the arthritis treatment. It is a best combination for the natural cure for arthritis. Divya Pidantak Tail is a powerful natural arthritis pain relief remedy that is available in the form of knee pain oil. It contains some great ingredients which is very beneficial in joint pain. It is a wonderful product that is prepared to treat all types of diseases of the bones and joints. This product for the arthritis treatment helps in reducing the pain and inflammation of the affected joints.

Key Ingredients:

Vatsanabha, Madhu-yasti, root of Pippali (long pepper), rock-salt, Vaca, Gaja-pippali, Jata-mamshi, Naga-keshara, Haridra, Daru-haridra, Teja-patra, Bhringa-raja, Manjishtha, root of Palasa, Pushkara-mula, Sugandha-bala, Shatavari, Sunthi (dry ginger), seed of Shata-pushpa, root of Citraka, Misreya (Saunf), root of Eranda, root of Arka, Dhattura, Ajamoda (Ajavayan), Kupilu, Jyotishmati (Malkangani), Gandha-prasharani, Rasna, Nirgundi, Lashuna, cow’s milk, curd (yoghurt), Dasha-mula, Jivaka, Meda, Vriddhi, Kakoli, Kshira-kakoli, sesame oil, etc.

Divya Pidantak Tail Immediately relieves joint pain, pain of lumbar region and knee-joints, cervical spondylitis, slip disk, trauma & different types of pain, oedema & inflammation.

Mode of Administration: –

Only for external use; massage should be done gently. Always do gentle massage towards heart by putting moderate pressure.

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