Divya Badam Rogan Almond Oil

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Buy Divya Badam Rogan for dry skin in winters &  good for heart & relieves constipation.

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Product Description

 Divya Badam Rogan Almond Oil: 60ml

Divya Badam rogan almond oil is a sweet almond oil  and  oil works as a skin lightener and skin moisturizer.

Badam rogan almond oil is specially good for dry skin in winters  and softens hairs and bring good shine.
Badam rogan almond oil is believed to reconstruct the dry and brittle hair too.

Divya Badam rogan almond oil Benefits;

Relieves tension
Strengthen brain power
Good for heart
Relieves constipation – Fights Dandruff, Keep body warm in winter
Nourishes skin
Good for infants
Prenatal/Postnatal care
Helps build stronger bones.

Almond oil is believed to be good for baby skin and to get baby like skin you can give it a try. Those who have dark circles can apply it under their eyes before going to the bed. It helps in reducing wrinkles and under eye dark circles though one needs to take care of their diet.

Usage: 5-10ml. To be taken with 250ml of milk at night. Apply externally on head and instill 2-3 drops in the nose and ears.


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