Divya Pharmacy

Divya Pharmacy

Divya pharmacy is an initiative by yoga guru Baba Ramdev trust to bring back power of ayurved in world society. Initially there was only a ‘Chikitsalaya’ (Clinic in English). Later need of medicines was felt to treat people without allopathic medicine, which produces more side effects than good effect. That is how Divya Pharmacy born.

Divya Products is generally referred to products launched by Divya pharmacy. Divya products are range of ayurevedic products for treating different health conditions and cosmetic improvements. All the products are ayurvedic and are put in market after well research and development, testing and trials by Divya pharmacy or Divya Aushadhi Nirmanshala.

Divya herbal products are completely based on ancient Indian ayurveda. Divya products are manufactured with the help of sophisticated equipments in order to maintains quality and thereby efficacy of the Divya products. Divya pharmacy has recently started using SCADA technology for manufacturing products.

Divya pharmacy has its own complex for development of divya herbal products. The complex has several departments; a product passes through every department before coming in market. One such dedicated department is Quality Control and Testing. This department is intended to maintain quality and testing of raw materials, Bhasmas and extracts at different stages and final product. Divya pharmacy has designed several stages for each of the three basic components (extracts, bhasmas (ash) and raw material) of Divya ayurvedic products.

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  1. Andy July 3, 2014 at 7:33 am Permalink

    I have been using Divya mukta vati by patanajli products and must say it is quite effective to control my bloodpressure. I hope this product improves and stays for longer in the market to keep guys like me healthy using the ayurvedic properties of this world

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